The best way to prepare collectibles for moving

The thing about collectibles is they’re not only a pile of valuable items. It’s so much more. They are a testament to your patience, dedication, and enthusiasm. Surely you want them to be as safe as possible while moving. That is why we at Small World Moving TX created this guide – to help you prepare collectibles for moving in the best way possible.

Let’s prepare

Of course, if you decided to hire our movers Euless TX professional packers, you can freely skip this step. Otherwise, let us get over the list of tools and supplies you will need.

  • Scissors
  • Marker for labeling boxes after packing;
  • Boxes of different sizes. Avoid using old boxes, as they are less likely to withstand stacking;
  • Quality packing tape
  • Glassine paper is highly recommended as it doesn’t stick to surfaces and is also water and grease resistant.
  • Brown paper for wrapping breakables
  • Bubble wrap

Word of advice: Avoid using newspaper for wrapping as ink can transfer to your collectibles and ruin them. You can use newspaper for extra padding, once your collectibles are safely wrapped.

Prepare collectibles for moving – step by step

If you’ve decided to pack collectibles yourself before hiring our movers Frisco TX, here’s an easy step-by-step guide:

1. Wrap your collectibles

If collectibles are in their original boxes, first wrap the box in glassine paper. Breakable collectibles, such as pottery, mugs, or ceramics, should firstly be wrapped in several sheets of brown paper or bubble wrap.

Mugs and plates wrapped in bubble wrap - prepare collectibles for moving
Be extra careful when wrapping breakables.

Paper collectibles should be placed in albums, and then wrapped in glassine. For larger items, such as posters or large photos, using a shipping tube is highly recommended.

Secure glassine or brown paper in place with packing tape. Be careful not to get any tape onto the item itself, as it can damage it when removed. Proceed to wrap the item in a few layers of bubble wrap. Two or three layers should suffice, but you can go with more. Just be mindful of the space in your moving box.

2. Prepare the moving box

Place some loosely crumpled brown paper or bubble wrap on the bottom of the moving box. For this, you may also use old newspapers, as they will not come in contact with properly packed items.

3. Secure the collectibles

Place the wrapped collectible inside the box in an upright position. Add padding (crumpled brown paper or bubble wrap) all around and between the items, until everything is safely in place. There should be no room for any of the items to move. Lastly, put some more padding on top, before you seal the box.

Box with bubble wrap and "Fragile" sticker
Proper securing and marking of the boxes is essential.

4. Seal the box

Close the box and seal it with packing tape. Be sure to reinforce both the top and bottom of the box with a few layers of packing tape. You can also reinforce the edges of the box if you deem it necessary.

5. Label the box

As a final step, you need to label the box properly, so your movers will know how to load it in the moving truck. Use a wide tip marker to write “Fragile” on at least two sides and top of the moving box. And once all of your possessions are in your new home, it’s time to proudly display your collection!