How to protect your storage unit against mold during the winter?

Is your decision to move to Forth Worth final? If it is, congratulations, you’re about to start a new life and meet new people, which is excellent. Well, moving during winter from a big house to a smaller apartment could be tricky.  Your relocation might be a bit complicated. If you have a lot of belongings to store. Since you’ll have too many things to fit in your apartment, you will need a storage unit.

As you know, your storage units are designed to store and protect your belongings, but if something isn’t right with your storage, that could harm your things. Humidity is the greatest enemy of every storage unit. If moisture starts accumulating in your storage unit, everything you have is in danger from mold, rust, and mildew. Therefore you have to protect your storage unit against mold during the winter.

Check humidity of your storage unit

The first step to protect your belongings inside your storage units is to check indoor moisture. Relative humidity should be something between 30% and 50% to prevent mold from developing. Crossing this limit could endanger your belongings. Hence it is imperative to measure humidity levels inside your storage unit. To do this, you could hire professionals that will test your humidity level.

Another way to do this is to set up a relative humidity gauge. The second solution is better because you will always know the humidity level. Once you test your humidity level, you can take some steps to prevent moisture or mold. And of course, the first step is simple, visual inspection. If you notice some mold, you need to call professionals to deal with it.

Check humidity level to protect your storage unit against mold during the winter
To protect your storage unit against mold during the winter check humidity levels

Inspect your storage unit for leaks

This tip is especially related to outdoor storage units. As you know it, the weather or other external conditions can damage your storage unit. Before you are about to place your belonging there, inspect the storage space. A little leak can cause significant material damage, especially during winter. And that is not all you have to check for cracks or holes from time to time all around the year.

That is because outdoor conditions can be rough to your storage. It is not advisable to save money when choosing storage units. It is even better to pay a bit more for some extra protection. Call moving companies in Lewisville TX or in Fort Worth, compare their services, and Look for the best one. Choose the most reliable storage unit that will protect your valuables.

crack on a wall
Inspect your storage unit and check for if there are some leaks or holes

Be sure that your belongings are adequately stored and dry

All your belongings must be stored properly because if just one item isn’t, it could cause a disaster. One wet item can significantly raise humidity levels and ruin all items inside your storage unit. To prevent situations like this, you have to be thorough. Be sure that your items are dry with no trace of moisture before you are about to store them.

Besides that, your items must be appropriately packed and set up on the dry ground. If you have any expensive items that could be damaged by mold, it is a good idea to store them at your apartment. If you have a tough time while moving and storing hire apartment movers Fort Worth. They will finish relocation in a short period of time, and they also offer storing services for their customers. Your belongings will be adequately prepared and stored in the best way possible.

Use charcoal to protect your storage unit against mold during the winter

If you are looking for a natural way to protect your storage unit, use charcoal. That is not only a cheap method but ist also very effective. The power of charcoal will surprise you. This material will not only absorb moisture; it will absorb unpleasant smells too.  Just put charcoal in a basket and wrap it with plastic foil, and it’s ready.

Replace the charcoal every few mounts to use the full potential of this method. Be careful while handling charcoal; there are some items that could be damaged by it. To prevent a situation like this, pack your storage unit properly in the best way possible. Organize your storage unit and your to protect your belongings.  You will also have a more spacious area to use.

Use charcoal to prevent moisture

Clean your storage unit often to protect your storage unit against mold during the winter

That is the essential tip to protect your storage unit against mold during the winter. Simply go through your things and check if there is any dirt, mold, or rust on your belongings. Be very careful since boxes can get moldy if they are wet. Replace those boxes with new ones and figure out how do they get wet. If you see any dirt or mold on your other things, be sure to clean it as soon as possible. It is a good idea to keep some cleaning supplies inside your storage unit.

This simple box of cleaning supplies will save you from a lot of trouble. That’s because you will not have to take your cleaning supplies with you every time you go to your storage unit. A great tip is to lift your belongings off the ground and place them on some isolating material.

A girl that cleans
Clear the storage unit to protect your items from mold

To protect your storage unit against mold during the winter, you have to check humidity levels and control them. Be careful when you are choosing your storage unit. If you notice something unusual inside your storage unit, inform the company that provides you with those services. We hope that this guide helps you to overcome the problems with mold, moisture, or humidity in general.