Redoing your floors after moving: when and how

Moving to a new house is always exciting. However, the task becomes a bit more complicated when you realize that you’ll be redoing your floors after moving. Speaking of moving, if you’re thinking of moving somewhere in Texas, make sure to see some of the best movers Dallas can offer. In case you are thinking of such a procedure, then this text could be of help.

Redoing your floors after moving: when and how

The following things will be of interest today:

  • Do you actually need to change the floors?
  • The time length of redoing your floors after moving
  • Preparation procedure for hardwood installation
  • How to live in your home during the process
  • What to do if you have pets

Do you actually need to change the floors?

Redoing your floors after moving is no joke. A lot of people are usually at a loss when deciding whether the floors need changing. In such a situation, you can need to be aware of the following: Whether you really require a hardwood floor. The reason for this is that hardwood floors are not easy to come by and can be fairly expensive. If you already have such a floor but are not happy with how it currently is, consider refurbishing. For instance, green floor refinishes are an option worth considering. Such a procedure dramatically lowers the strain on your budget and is more eco-friendly. If you are moving, make sure you tell yor movers that the floorsw ill be changing while you use some of the best moving services.

The time length

The simple refurbishing procedure itself should not be long. It usually ranges from two to a couple of days, depending on the state of your floor. Please bear in mind that, in order for you to be able to walk on them again, a minimum of 48 hours must pass. This includes the removal of the initial layer of the hardwood floor and the applying of the polyurethane coating procedure. After coating, the floor needs to dry for a minimum of 48 hours. After that, you can walk on your floor again. However, an additional 4 days need to pass before you can safely move your furniture back in. If you wish to pursue a full replacement of the floors, the time needed for this is not set. Depending on the size of your home, getting everything done can range anywhere from a week to even a few weeks.

Preparation procedure for hardwood installation

The first step towards the procedure is vacuuming thoroughly, as this removes any potential barriers. If you can, try to hire a company to remove your old floors, if you opted for the complete replacement procedure. If you aren’t in a situation to do this, it is highly recommended that you remove the floor with caution. Removing floors is a difficult operation, partly because there can be many layers of carpet or vinyl still left. Nevertheless, no matter whether you opt for solo or company removal, make sure to prepare the terrain. This includes dislocating baseboards and door frames, as it enables the successful fitting and installation of the floor. After removing the primary floor level, either you or the contractor need to estimate whether the sub-floor level is in good condition. If yes, the procedure may proceed, if not, then you need to ask specialists for the next steps.

Man vacuuming before redoing your floors after moving
Preparing the ground well for refurbishment is essential.


How to live in your home during the process

Firstly, it cannot be stressed enough how disruptive this is going to be for your everyday life. However, redoing your floors after moving is usually a must. Either way, this cannot be avoided and here’s how you can make it as least disruptive as possible. If you can, evacuate your home before the procedure begins. Staying at friends or family might do the trick and, be assured, you will appreciate it. Having said that, try to store all your furniture in one place/room, so that other rooms are empty. In this way, you will minimize the time needed for the floors to get installed by the crew. Knowing that going away isn’t always possible, staying in one room (with as much as stuff stacked up) is recommended. By the way, if you wish to explore some of the relocation options, take a look at movers in Rockwall TX. Having good speakers could be useful, as the noise from the sawing and installation can get very irritating.

Additional smaller tips

Space is often hard to come by. Bearing this in mind, your stuff and furniture will need to be periodically moved around as the works progress. A smart thing to do would be to cover the remaining items and furniture with special plastic foil.  The substantial amount of dust generated from redoing your floors after moving requires such protective procedures. In addition, dust collectors can be of great help, as regular vacuum cleaners or floor scooping won’t do good enough. Check out this list for further advice on how to get a good dust collector.

As for storing furniture, there are other good and worthwhile options. For instance, you can try renting out temporary storage which can free up enough space for the time you need it. Storage is an integral part of the service moving companies Plano TX can offer. Checking it out is worth it.

A man and woman move away furniture
Moving away furniture is always a good idea.


What to do if you have pets

Pets are wonderful and everybody knows how much you cherish every moment you can spend with them. However, in a situation where there will be constant noise in the house, as you are redoing your floors after moving, it is best to relocate it short-term. Furthermore, there will be a lot of dust flying around.


A dog standing on brown hardwood floor
Your pet’s safety should be top priority

Also, it is absolutely critical that pets do not have access to floors whilst they are being coated and subsequently dried. The reason for this is that, if they end up having contact with the coating, it will produce two problems. The first one is that the coating will be compromised and the pet’s fur will also be stained. All in all, these few pieces of advice should get you going if you want to prepare your home for an open house.