What to check before signing a moving contract

A moving contract is a legal document that will complete your moving preparations. It will define the terms and conditions of your move. It will also determine the rights and responsibilities within your move. Obviously, this is a very important document. After all, the safety of all your belongings will depend on it. All this is why it is so essential to understand what you need to check before signing a moving contract. As the move will be a chaotic period in your life, it would be best if you prepared for signing a moving contract beforehand. That’s what we are here to help you with. So read on, and enjoy!

The importance of a moving contract

Industry professionals like Dallas movers will stress the importance of signing a moving contract. Even if it’s not required by law, having a moving contract will be your safety net in case anything goes wrong with the move. First of all, if it comes to the worst, and you have to take legal action, a moving contract will be a crucial piece of evidence in your favor. Secondly, having a moving contract that outlines all the costs and fees will help you avoid any unplanned moving expenses during the move.

A calculator and a contract.
A moving contract is a vital tool to protect your rights and avoid unplanned expenses during a move.

With all these reasons in mind, it is easy to see why it’s so important to have a moving contract. Additionally, if a company is trying to avoid signing a moving contract with you, you should immediately consider that a red flag. In no case will a reputable moving company avoid signing a moving contract, even when not required by the law. So if it seems like they are, you might be dealing with fraudulent movers. To understand this point better, let’s talk about movers’ reputation for a bit.

Check your movers’ reputation before signing a moving contract

As mentioned above, you want to avoid signing a contract with any company that comes of as suspicious. While they may appear so clearly, as in the case of them trying to avoid signing a moving contract, not all cases are this clear cut. So then how do you check if the mover is reliable? Research. Take to the internet and start comparing moving companies. That will benefit you in two ways. First of all, you will understand the approximate pricing of your move. Secondly, you will be able to check the movers’ reputation. The latter can be done in two ways:

Checking the movers’ status with US DOT

The US Department of Transportation has a section on its website where you can check for any complaints posted about a specific moving company. Not only can this trigger a federal investigation, but it can also help you protect yourself against fraudulent movers. Also, here, you can check if your moving company has all the necessary licenses.

Checking the movers’ reputation on the internet

Another source of information when checking your movers is the company website and any reviews you might find there. Keep an eye out for fake reviews that may be too enthusiastic, similar to one another or professionally written. Also, you can check if the moving company of your choice is a member of the American Moving & Storage Association (AMSA), which is a telltale that they are up to specific standards imposed by the association.

A woman using a laptop and writing notes
Before signing a moving contract, make sure you research the movers’ reputation.

Understand the whole document before signing a moving contract

Another thing to check before signing a moving contract is that you understand the entire document. While this rule applies to all kinds of legal documents, it is especially important when it comes to moving. That can play a unique role even if the movers aren’t fraudulent. For example, you might be signing for green crates rental, while you think it’s just standard packing supplies renting. In these cases, a misunderstanding can drive a wedge between your movers and you. So, even if no fraud is involved, misunderstanding the moving document can create an unpleasant situation.

People discussing a contract
Make sure you are clear on all points of the moving contract before signing it.

Therefore, to make sure this doesn’t happen, ask about any single part of the moving contract before signing it. Also, pay special attention to the fine print. Finally, never sign an incomplete document, especially one with blank sections that can be filled out later on.

Moving particularities to check before signing a moving contract

Finally, there are certain moving-specific things you check before signing a moving contract. These are:

Moving estimate

The moving estimate is a quote your moving company will give you for your move. It should include the estimated cost of relocating your items. As we mentioned above, researching moving companies beforehand will provide you with an idea just how much your moving estimate should be. Most moving companies will give you an estimate for free. Use that to get an idea of how much your move should cost. On the other hand, if the moving company is avoiding giving you a moving estimate, consider that a red flag.

Services you agree to

Another thing you should be clear on before signing a moving contract is all the moving services Dallas you agree to and their fees. Ask your movers to be very specific here and detail all the services that will be needed in your move. That goes double for special moving services like relocation high-value or very large items.

Bill of lading

Finally, we come to the most important document to check before signing a moving contract. This document will include the most important information regarding your move like:

  • Your information and the movers’ information
  • The timeframe of your move
  • The starting point and destination of your move
  • Fees and services for the move
  • Insurance options and conditions
  • Payment method
  • Dispute resolution method

The bill of lading is the terms and conditions you agree upon for your move. It plays a huge role in the move. Therefore checking it thoroughly is very much advised, before signing a moving contract.

Signing a moving contract to have a stress-free move

While reading through this article, you have probably noticed how much we stress being cautions. Checking everything before signing a moving contract seems to be a common theme in this article. That is because if you check all these things, you will ensure a stress-free move for yourself. So, pay attention to everything outlined above, and you should be set for a comfortable, clean, move.