Fun activities in Lewisville TX

Nowadays, Lewisville has strong population growth, but once it was one of the forsaken and abandoned cities of Texas.  Back in the 1840s, navigating the city was next to impossible for moving companies in Lewisville TX. But now, thanks to the booming economy and the development of transportation, its residents can travel about without a problem. And with all the fun activities in Lewisville TX, there are plenty of reasons why you should visit this town. Its libraries and museums offer a lot of educational fun. But it also has a surprisingly active entertainment scene. So be sure there’s plenty to do here and new things to try while you’re there.

Here are the most attractive things to try in Lewisville:

1. Cobra Brewing Company

The Cobra Brewing Company is a microbrewery, and it’s a real gem in the center of the city. The epitome of everything that symbolizes the love of beer is between these walls. You can try over a dozen types of beer on tap. Local movers Dallas recommend this excellent place for celebrations, events, and team buildings. But it can be one of the most fun activities in Lewisville TX even for the smallest of groups of friends. Who just happen to have the most acquired pallets.

a brewery
Try to visit the brewery on Saturdays – when it’s better. Better how? On Saturdays, they have a local food truck to help you pour down on the copious glasses of brews you’ve enjoyed.

If you’re wondering if the Cobra Brewing Company was on the pricey side, you’ll be pleasantly surprised. For just $10, you get three delicious beers and a glass to take home as a souvenir. And you can choose which glass. Isn’t that amazing?

2. Witherspoon Distillery

The Witherspoon Distillery is a company that’s in the business of producing premium handcrafted spirits. Their premium status is rightfully earned because they use only fresh ingredients made on the distillery’s grounds. The company is patient when it comes to waiting for their alcohol to age. Then they bottle the handcrafted liquor perfectly before finally distilling it.

The location is a little hidden, which is a shame since a significant number of people miss out on this wonder. The tour of this place is one of the most fun activities in Lewisville TX because it offers many opportunities to have a great night out. Without the kids. The tour is highly informative and interactive, with bartenders making distinctive tastes on the spot. And you will be charmed by the outside seating areas where you can catch a quiet moment to yourself. We say this one should not be the one to miss.

3. One of the top fun activities in Lewisville gives you one hour to escape

Becoming more and more popular all around the world in all the major cities are the ‘escape rooms.’ These interactive fun activities in Lewisville provide people with an exciting day of solving puzzles. You’ll be trapped in a room and will have to solve clues and answer questions if you want to get to the exit. Lewisville has jumped on this train as well, and both adults and children can try it for an exciting and interactive day out.

It is equally interesting for date nights, parties, and celebrations. But you can also just do it on a random, rainy day. Several types of mysteries will accommodate everyone’s unique thirst for excitement.

Hand playing piano
If you’re hoping for some fun activities in Lewisville Texas like a quality musical, dancing, or theatre performances, then Medical Center of Lewisville Grand Theater won’t disappoint you.

4. Cosmic Jump

Cosmic Jump is an indoor trampoline park suitable for all ages and abilities. It can be your workout class or just your type of fun, maybe even a date. Either way, these few hours of fun should be on your fun activities in Lewisville TX bucket list. The reason why movers Plano TX especially recommend this place – you don’t just have your regular trampolines here. There is a foam pit to try tricks in. Next, you can bounce on a jump zone and finally try stunts. Cosmic Jump also offers games like the ‘slam dunk trampoline basketball’ to keep your crew on their toes, too.

5. Most fun activities in Lewisville TX: Gatsplat

This indoor paintball obstacle course is for kids, but anyone who wants to feel like a kid again is welcome. Gatsplat has 26,000 square feet on two playing fields. Explore your inner-child here, and if you have children, celebrate a birthday party by shooting some paint. It will be a day they’ll never forget. But neither will the parents. And we’re not saying this only because of all the washing. Get those guns and splat your kids!

6. Hawaiian Falls

If there are only one of all the fun activities in Lewisville we had to recommend, it would be the Hawaiian Falls. It’s entertainment heaven with all its wave pools, an interactive water playground, large slides, and a ‘lazy river.’ The lazy stands for a more relaxing break from the fun water madness. The Hawaiian Falls has a lot of food stands where you can replenish your energy. Go and have fun! You can thank us later.

7. Interskate is rightfully one of the most fun activities in Lewisville TX

Interskate is an indoor roller skating rink with three deluxe private rooms for events, and a skating floor (obviously). And you can, of course, rent skates. It has carpeted walls for protection. Get down with it under some disco lights; enjoy the Wi-Fi, private parties, and traditional snacks like popcorn, nachos, pretzels, and more. What are you waiting for – book them now!

8. Lewisville Lake Park

One of the most fun activities in Lewisville TX offers a recreational park with a golf course! But that’s not the end. Enjoy their lake with all the swimming and boating facilities. And last but not least, several picnics and seating areas.

Bowling lane is one of the most fun activities in Lewisville TX
When it’s a rainy day, go to the Main Event Entertainment to bowl, play trivia, golf and eat until you can’t eat anymore!

So as you can see, this charming town is full of fun events, locations, and establishments. You will surely find an activity to enjoy and tell your friends about it. Contact Small World Moving and book your swift, fun, and affordable relocation to Lewisville now. We will make sure your move goes smoothly so that you can enjoy all the fun activities in Lewisville as soon as possible.

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