How to choose the best storage for your valuables?

Finding the best storage for your valuables might seem either like an easy task or like finding a needle in a haystack. But we assure you it is neither. The search resembles dream home hunting  a little tedious, but with great rewards in the end. Afterward, it should be a lot like having a rent control apartment. Hopefully. The bottom line is that after you sign the lease and start using storage services, you won’t have anything more to do with the storage company. The quest itself is tiresome, and there are some warnings you should remember from our article. We are here to make sure your decision on your storage is the best one.

Select the type of unit you need first

Maybe you have an idea of the size of storage unit you want to rent. But keep in mind that you don’t want just any size suitable unit. You will need a unit where you can stand tall and leave a little room for yourself to work around the boxes. You don’t want to pack your storage unit wall to wall, floor to ceiling. The best storage for your valuables will have breathing room and flexible renting solutions. That is important because people usually rent smaller units to save money, and are then left emptying half of it to get to a box that’s in the back.

Woman in a business suit holding a quality control sign
Your valuables deserve only the best, so be your quality controller and inspect every aspect of your future deal with a storage company.

The best storage for your valuables might be a temperature controlled unit

If you need a climate-controlled unit, as opposed to the usual garage-style one, means you are storing delicate and fragile items. Your valuables that require special conditions might be wooden furniture, paintings, antiques, and photographs. Nowadays, every quality storage facility has this type of units, so your choice of the best storage for your valuables will come down to other factors. Maybe you’ll need a unit with good security and monitoring, but don’t forget insurance. Always check if moving insurance, renter’s or homeowner’s insurance policy covers items in a storage unit. If it doesn’t, consider buying it from the storage facility.

Research is the best insurance for your belongings

First and foremost, the location is not everything. Don’t choose right away the storage facility that’s closest to your home. People often rush into renting a storage unit in a facility that happens to be closest to them or the cheapest in their community. Instead of accepting the first offer you bump into, better get to the research. Make sure you get a handful of options that you can investigate. Here are some things to consider before deciding on a particular company.

Storage warehouse
Thorough research means, by the end of it, you will know every type of storage unit out there with all the possible specifications available.
  • Location is the least important. 

Cast your net wide so that you have a good number of options that you can further choose from. Rather drive or walk an extra 10 minutes to store your precious belongings in a better storage facility, than worry about the bad conditions in a closer one.

  • Look at the reviews.

Look up the storage company on Yelp but still take reviews with some reserve. Best bet is, if you see a repeating pattern of bad comments, look further. Nowadays, every reliable mover has a website with customer testimonials. If you have already used some moving company and you feel happy with their services, you can consider using their storage units as well. The practice today is that all big moving companies have storage facilities. And on their websites, both satisfied and unsatisfied customers share their experiences.

To find the best storage for your valuables, pay a visit your main choices

Once you make a list of excellent looking storage facilities, it’s time to go and take a look at the locations you’re considering. After you have narrowed down your search and know exactly what conditions you’re looking for, it’s time to visit the facilities you’ve picked. This part is called: window shopping. Because people succumb to the pressure to sign the deal right away, they don’t always let themselves choose with patience. Management always tries to bait and switch their least accessible units on the spot. Make the most of your visit by looking around and asking the hard questions. Make them run for their money; you shouldn’t be the one under pressure.

Try to see the actual unit you will get.

Ask to see your future storage. The company might be pre-occupied, so at least request a unit on the same floor or in the same area. If you are dealing with a fraudulent company, they can try to show you a clean, 3rd-floor unit but later rent you a dirty one in the basement. That is why asking the hard questions and inspecting the facility in person is vital. Your valuables depend on your research.

Hunt special discounts.

Storage facilities often run promotions to attract new customers. Even when the specific company you are interested in is not advertising right now, it is still worthwhile to ask about any promotions they are running. You can even say that the competition is running an amazing deal to see if your chosen storage will try to match or beat this deal. No risk no gain, so go for it.

Check storage payment policy

Hand holding a pen ready to sign something, keys left of it
Signed, sealed, stored! Hopefully, our tips have led you to the most convenient and affordable storage solution for your valuable items.

While it may sound scary, some storage facilities have stringent payment rules. It’s not like apartment rent, where you can arrange to be a little late with the property manager. With storage units, if you miss your payment by even just a day, they can auction your items immediately. Watch out for that bill if you have cool things like a motorcycle stored there. So you see, these agreements are incredibly harsh if you do not make a payment on time. Make sure you review the contract you sign with eyes wide open.

To find the best storage for your valuables, mingle before committing. Repeat the process at all your preferred locations before committing. Your belongings deserve only the best and searching a bit for the best storage for your valuables is worth it. Only after you have visited several places, thoroughly reviewed the contract, can you decide and sign up. We advise you to opt for a month-to-month agreement that lets you out at any time.

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