How to pack your kitchen like a pro

Most of the time, people only find difficulties when packing kitchens. That is why they are afraid of doing it when they are relocating. There are just too much dishes, appliances and other kitchen elements that can only bring a lot of issues to someone. And there are a lot of things that could go wrong. Luckily, we thought about this particular problem and decided to wrote an extensive guide. Here in our blog, you can find your answer on how to pack your kitchen like a pro! Once you read this guide, you will do it almost perfectly and without any trouble. Making sure your kitchen items and elements will be packed properly!

Plan everything ahead in order to pack your kitchen like a pro

The important part of every relocation is planning. Especially when it comes to packing your kitchen for relocation. Take your time and put everything down on paper. There are a lot of things to think about, and a lot of issues to resolve first. So before you even begin with the kitchen packing, think about where to begin.

Pencil and paper
You need to make a plan if you want to pack your kitchen like a pro

Gather tools and packing materials

When packing the kitchen for the relocation, there will be a lot of items and appliances you will have to disassemble. First things first, you need to get the tools needed for such a task. For example, the following items are of great help:

  • Screwdrivers
  • Rubber hammer
  • Spanners

These are just some of the tools you will need in order to safely disassemble your kitchen items. The main reason why you have to do this is that it is easier to pack and load them up into the moving truck. Also, they will take a lot less space that way. Making sure you will have some more room for those big kitchen items. Once you take down the cupboards and shelves from the walls, start disassembling him. The easiest way to pack your kitchen like a pro is when you pile them in parts. Remember to either take a photograph or and a manual with detailed information on how to put them back together. It is also a good idea to keep small parts such as screws and bolts in small zipper bags. That way you won’t lose them during the relocation.

A rubber mallet used to pack your kitchen like a pro
Use rubber mallets because they won’t damage your kitchen items

But, along with that task, you need to figure out how not to make a mess while preparing for relocation. This always proves to be an issue for first-time movers. This can be extremely difficult if you do not know tips and tricks on cleaning the house before packing. It is easy to get lost in all that commotion and lose track of time. Which only leads to other issues you simply do not have time to handle.

What packing materials to use

Well, it depends on what items you are packing. In case of simple wooden shelves or cupboards, then old blankets or other packing materials. But, if you are packing kitchen appliances then you need to pay more attention to their protection during the relocation. A simple box won’t do the trick. The main issue here is that you probably won’t have the original packaging with yourself. Thus, making it a lot harder to pack them firmly for the relocation. If you can, use old fabrics to fill up the empty spaces in the boxes. This way you can stay assured that there is no room for tumbling during the relocation.

Old towels stockpiled
Use old fabrics as perfect padding material

On the other hand, you can always think about renting a storage unit. They are the perfect solution if you have more items to transport. Simply, rent a storage unit and leave those big items there until you come to pick them up. Remember, there are proper ways of preparing a storage unit for items you are about to leave there.

Empty everything

And we do mean everything! In order to properly pack your kitchen like a pro, you need to pull everything out. This means spoons, forks, knives, plates etc. Any small item left in the boards will tumble during the relocation, thus only damaging your kitchen items. Also, this step is important, because the items won’t be that heavy when you have to carry them to the moving truck! Use some small boxes to pack those cutleries and leave them in a safe space where they can’t damage other kitchen items!

A kitchen
Empty your kitchen in order to transport it without any issues

The last step is to pack fragile

First things first, collect all the materials you need for wrapping and packing those fragile. You can gather them in your home since most of them are household items. The best wrapping materials for fragile kitchen items are:

  • Old newspapers – Want to pack your kitchen like a pro? Use old newspapers to wrap those plates. Simply put some water on them and place the wet paper around the plate. They will take the shape of them and further protect them from scratches. This is just one of the ways to pack glass items for relocation!
  • Old fabrics, t-shirts, blankets, and sponges are great softeners used as paddings in moving boxes.
  • Packing foam and beans are best used when you have that oddly shaped empty spaces in the moving boxes

These materials are great because they won’t allow the items to tumble during the travel. It doesn’t matter how much you use them, that extra protection won’t cause any problems.

It is not that hard to pack your kitchen like a pro! Once you read our guide you will have a greater understanding of this very simple process. Use it as your advantage while you are planning your relocation! If you want to add something to our guide, please feel free to do so by commenting in our comment section! It is just bellowed our article!