How to prepare for moving with children

Moving to a new city is a great challenge for you. Imagine just what a challenge it is for your children. Surely, no psychologist would suggest you move with small children. But if you still have to move, then it’s time to pay attention to the most important things. It’s important that you understand this life situation seriously and responsibly. This is a big change in the lives of your children, so you need to know how to handle moving with children.

Remember those family movies when drama and tears arose after parents suddenly tell their children that they’re moving? We certainly believe that this is what you do not want to experience. Don’t break the hearts of your children. Think about their feelings. We have prepared some of the important and interesting tips that will help you during this period of chaotic change.

Moving with children number one tip: Ask about their feelings:

Moving with children can be challenging - give them activities to help them adjust.
Make your kids feel involved in the process of moving!

This is the first and the most important step to do while you moving with children. It’s not the same to explain to small children, teenagers or elderly people that they are moving to a new house. Although they are small, children can recognize when you lie to them. Because kids feel when you’re upset and nervous.

If it’s about very young children, you can go to a library or a local bookstore. There are many books with illustrations that could help you to tell your children that they’re moving in a way they understand. The youngest are the most sensitive, but it’s okay to show them that you are sad too. You can talk to them about how they feel. Show that you care. Ask them what they think and what they would like. Give them some reason why they will feel better at the new house. Let them feel excited!  Go the extra mile to make your children feel less stressed. 

Family taking a hike
Moving alongside your children can be quite a chaotic period!

Pack their things when they are at school or asleep:

This is a very useful tip. Remember, for example, when you are going on a trip. You’ve packed up, and your child opens up bags to search the toys. Pack their things gradually for days. Do it when children are in school or asleep. Keep in mind that your child will look for his favorite toy or shirt. While you prepare for moving with children, leave one box open until the day of moving.

Put their favorite toys and stuff there because your kids will surely ask for them. In this way, you will not suddenly separate them from their favorite things and they will play with them until the day you move.  Just the period of moving can be stressful for us grown-ups the kids take it twice as hard trust me on that. Do not vent your stress and chaos of moving on them. 

Couple playing with their child in the park
Take into consideration that your kids have much lower stress tolerance than us grown-ups!

Make them a surprise to distract their attention from moving:  

When you tell your children that they’re moving, prepare yourself that they will be sad. Most of them won’t handle this well and they will cry, maybe even refuse to eat and drink. There is a possibility that some children will act like they hate you and say they are angry with you. If necessary, contact a psychologist to help you. But there are ways to bring positive energy to your kids. When you are moving with children, think about making them a surprise to cheer them up and distract their attention from moving. You can buy them a new toy they want or take them to their favorite restaurant. You can throw a party for their friends to make them easier to say goodbye. If you make your children a series of little surprises, they will surely be cheerful. Go an extra mile to make your children feel less stressed.

Include your kids in designing a new home:

Turn negative feelings of your children into positive. If you have older children allow them to choose a house they like. Let them feel like their opinion is important. Include your children in the interior design of your new home. Let your kids choose furniture according to their wishes. Go shopping together. Decorate your living room together. Before moving, if possible, take your children to see the new house. Let them choose their new room. If your new house has a backyard, surprise your child! Suggest them to buy a pet. They will be able to overcome moving easier and they will be less stressed. Think about this interesting idea prior to moving with children. Even though your kids cannot do any planning or heavy lifting.  Just them being part of the process can make them feel appreciated and involved in the new home setting.   

Couple with a child, holding hands.
Do not vent your stress of moving on your kids!

This period is sure to be full of stress and you as a parent overwhelmed with all. But do not let you dear kids see any of it as their stress tolerance is not like yours. Therefore their stress levels are quite high, do what you can to make that transition smoother. Since probably with that new home comes new school, a new neighborhood and everything in between. Trust us on that that is the most delicate part of moving, getting used to a new environment.

From my personal experience, this part proved to be the most difficult. So, in the end, doing everything you can and going the extra mile will surely be quite good on your kids.  This article is just a guideline for the right mindset that you need to possess to make it all with ease and probably bond and create some memories alongside.  And if you seek some professional help may we suggest Small World Moving TX!

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