Packing tips for busy moms

Being a mum is busy work. Everyone knows this. Especially people that are moms themselves. There are just so many things a mom has to think about. And these only multiply in a moving situation. Apart from making sure the kids are fed, dressed and generally happy there are new concerns in a situation such as this. Are they packed, how will the move impact their feeling, etc.  So, to help them out we decided to write an article on packing tips for busy moms, hoping that it will make the whole moving chaos a bit easier.


Industry professionals like movers Frisco TX, can tell you all about the importance of planning for a move. In all kinds of moves, good planning is essential. Having enough time to prepare for a move will make sure the whole thing goes over smoothly. This is especially true for family moves. That’s why we just had to include the importance of planning in our packing tips for busy moms. First off, if the conditions of your move allow it, you should start preparing for the move some six to eight weeks prior.

A planner. Packing tips for busy moms would be incomplete without stressing the importance of planning.
Plan your time out carefully to make the most of it.

Another smart thing to do, that will be especially beneficial to busy moms preparing for a move is to form a moving calendar. Divide move-related activities evenly, with the more time-consuming ones happening during the weekends. This way you will be able to prepare for your move in smaller chunks as opposed to just doing it all in one go. Apart from being far less fatiguing, you will be able to keep track of everything you’ll need during the move. This, in particular, will do wonders to mitigate your moving stress. It will also help you maintain your daily functionality while still being on track with the moving preparations.

Packing tips for busy moms that need to move on a tight schedule

Alright, so planning ahead can be very beneficial. However, there are moves that just don’t leave that much time for careful planning and execution. With the whole family, especially the children looking your way for support and reassurance, what do you do? Maintain your calm. At least that is something moving pros like movers Irving TX  might tell you. No matter how rushed your move could be, by being calm you will still end up on top of it. Also, here are a few tricks you can pull to help you out:


There are many reasons to de-clutter your home. From saving up on money for packing equipment to just having a tidier home. One reason, however, stands out in every move where time is short. By de-cluttering, you save up time. That’s why we decided to include it in our packing tips for busy moms. Even if you aren’t short on time, being a busy mum will by definition mean that you would benefit from de-cluttering and the time it saves you. And there is no better moment for de-cluttering than a move

A child stacking toys bricks.
Having a child will add to how cluttered your home can become, but you can deal with this easily!

While packing for the relocation, set aside items that you will not be needing anymore. Depending on your children’s age, let them pick out the items they are not using anymore. The idea here is to avoid leaving behind something your child has an emotional connection to. When you are done, you can simply give away or sell the excess items. There are charities that will come by and take these items of your hands, meaning even less time spent on items you don’t need anymore!

Packing smart and quickly

Something that by definition must be included in packing tips for busy moms is how to pack quickly. These will especially be valuable if you need to pack on a tight schedule. First off, don’t underestimate how chaotic a move with children can be. So, even if it may sound counter-intuitive in a tight-schedule situation, do the thing that most household packing tips advise  –  form a moving list. List out the important items that you will need to have at hand. Things like changes of clothes, child-related items, valuables, and a first aid kit.

A mom and her baby
Mothers of small children will have less time on their hands, making packing tips for busy moms even more relevant to them!

Having taken care of the essential items you can start packing the rest. If you can spare a little extra money, you can always pay your movers to do the packing. This way you will have professional help at a time when time is scarce. If this isn’t an option don’t panic. Get enough moving boxes and start filling them out. For added protection get packing peanuts and bubble wrap for breakables.  Also, do take the time to label the boxes properly to make your life easier once you start unboxing. Make sure you label the boxes with breakables as fragile, so your moving company takes extra care when moving these.

Preparing your child for the move

Finally, apart from preparing your belongings for the move, you will also need to prepare your child too. Children can be especially sensitive to a relocation so taking the time to talk to them is an absolute must. Explain to them the situation and be there them during the whole moving process. If your child is not old enough to understand the relocation, just makes sure all their needs are fulfilled during the whole process. It will be stressful for you, but don’t underestimate the impact a move can have on your kids. So, stay strong for them and even if the situation is exhausting and you are stressed out, don’t lash out at them. Your love and support during a move will help them go through it much easier.

How to employ these packing tips for busy moms?

Having read our packing tips for busy moms you could see we took a broad approach here. The reason behind this is that there are so many different situations to cover. So, the decision on how to apply these to your specific conditions depends on you. After all, you know your own situation best. However, having read through these we are certain you are well prepared to take the move, head on!