Tips on labeling your moving boxes

There are many things to consider during a relocation – anything from what to wear to when to start packing and preparing. All of these play a role in how your move will go. However, one of the things that will be the most impactful to your move will be how you pack and handle your items. After all, relocating your possessions is the essence of every move. That includes anything from who will be moving your items to how should you be labeling your moving boxes. The latter can have a significant impact on your move, so let’s talk about that for a bit.


The first benefit of labeling moving boxes is that helps with keeping your move organized. Moving tends to be a hectic process. As such it is vital you keep it as organized as possible. Therefore it is no wonder that household packing tips tend to stress out the importance of labeling your moving boxes. Not only will labeling help you out with the unpacking, later on, but it can also help you with the packing process itself. As you go making a list of your possessions, you can group them together, as you plan to pack them in the same box. This way you will know at a glance how many moving boxes you will need and if you will have to go out hunting for more

A notebook and markers
The organization is essential to every move. Thus, creating an inventory list and labeling your moving boxes will help your move go more smoothly.

After the move is done, having properly labeled boxes will help you out in several ways. These can range from what to unpack first, to keeping track of your belongings. While we will discuss these in detail below, it is important to note that this will have a positive effect of reducing your moving stress. After all, knowing at a glance that all your items have been safely shipped, will make you more at ease. It will mean a bit more time spent on preparation. However, the gains from labeling your moving boxes will make it worth your while.

How to label your moving boxes

Labeling your moving boxes may seem simple at first glance. However, there are specific steps that you can take to ensure you will get the most out of the process. Let’s explore that first.

Preparing the supplies

Before you even start labeling your moving boxes, you first need to get certain supplies. Obviously, you will need moving boxes. You can get these from your movers or even find them for free. Usually, supermarkets, tech stores, and liquor shops have some that you can pick up for free. If you have friends that moved recently, they might have some leftover moving boxes that you could use. You will also need markers, tape and if you’re feeling extra organized – labels. You can buy these or print them out yourself and tape them to the box in a visible place.

Pink, green and blue markers and labels
Use markers and labels to make your boxes easy to identify.

Markers should be colored and waterproof. Don’t go stingy here and just buy the cheapest ones. You will need useful quality markers of vivid color, that are waterproof. All this will help keep your labeling clear and easily identifiable later on. As for the tape, you can go with clear or colored tape. Clear tape will go great with any marking you make on the boxes as you can tape over it for added protection. On the other hand, you can use colored tape to tape up your moving boxes to make them easy to identify at first glance.

Labeling your moving boxes to help your movers

Something moving professionals like Dallas movers might tell you helps them out a lot is proper labeling. You can help your movers by labeling your moving boxes with things like “FRAGILE” or with a room destination like “KITCHEN” or “BEDROOM.” That will help them out when unloading your items from the moving truck to either know to take extra care with a certain box or to know the destination of the box within your new home.

Color coding

A smart and easy way to make your boxes identifiable is to color code them. You can write on them with a colored marker or tape them up with colored tape. Just pick a color corresponding to a location within your new home. For example, you can decide that blue will be for the bathroom, yellow for the living room, orange for the kitchen, etc. That way, once your boxes are delivered, you can tell at a glance what their intended destination is. This system is good, many white glove delivery services use it in their operations, daily!

Colored tape
Use colored tape to make the boxes color-coded for each room


Another trick you can do is to number the boxes. Chances are you will have more than one box per room. So, marking the box with a number will go great with the color coding system.

On the other hand, you can use numbering even if you don’t want to color code your boxes. Simply write down the room the box should go to and a   number. For example, “Kitchen – 1”. Then write down how many boxes you had for each room. This way of labeling your moving boxes will allow you to know if all of your boxes have arrived. Just check if all the numbers are there, it’s that simple!

Labeling with contents

Another thing you could do while labeling your moving boxes is, writing down the contents of the box. That will help you immensely when unpacking as you will be able to know what each box contains before even opening it. Need just one specific item? You can now access it with ease without rummaging through all your moving boxes.

Mark for priority unpacking

Another thing you can do while labeling your moving boxes is to mark them with their unpacking priority. That will help you decide what to unpack first. As a relocation can be tiring, you will benefit from first unpacking the items you need immediately and unpacking the rest later. This system of labeling your moving boxes will help you with just that

The importance of labeling your moving boxes

Reading through this article, you have probably gained a sense of the importance of labeling your moving boxes. As you could see it can be a powerful tool in any relocation. So, make a list, get your marking supplies and get down to it. Once the move is done, you will be happy that you labeled your boxes well.