Should you help your movers

When it comes to moving there are many variables unknown to your average person. This is all natural and understandable. After all, people usually don’t move often so a relocation might even be a first for a given individual. This all leaves a lot of questions in the minds of people. How should you prepare for a move? What do wear on a moving day? One of the questions that come up as well as, should you help your movers? This very question is what we intend to cover in this article. So, if you have any doubts, read on to find out.

Should you help your movers at all?

People, especially generous ones, might feel the need to help their movers. After all, they are moving the said person’s life and belongings. So, a helping hand could only make the relocation professionals more positively predisposed to you, right? Well, before you grab your guide to household packing and get down to work there is something you should know. Moving professionals are just that – professionals. They deal in moving daily. This means, provided you have picked out a reliable moving company, they will very well know how to handle a move. In this situation, you just might get in their way.

A person tightening their tie
Reliable movers are professionals of their trade so when asking should you help your movers you should also ask if you will be getting in their way

Even worse, if you come on too hard with your input they might feel micromanaged. Depending on their workload and many other factors, this may result in sparks flying. Obviously, this will not help with your moving stress at all. It might be best just to step aside and let them to their job. Now, you might say, you hired the company, so why you help your movers do their job? There is nothing wrong with this approach, as pointed out, you did hire movers to provide a service. However, you will develop better cooperation with them if you help them indirectly – by preparing your items for relocation. Obviously, there are two ways of thinking about this issue so let’s explore these for a bit.

The pros and cons of helping your movers

If you are still unclear on the question of should you help your movers, it might be best to break it down into pros and cons. This way you will be able to get a look at the bigger picture, which will impact your decision on should you help your movers. However, the pros are tightly connected to the cons, in this case, so let’s look at them both.

Your mover’s attitude towards you

One of the most obvious pros that come to mind when you ask yourself should you help your movers is their attitude towards you.  People tend to like people that help them more. That is just basic human psychology. Even though they are professionals, the movers you hired are just people. People who will be handling your belongings that is. So, having them as you will only make your move go more smoothly. On the other hand, if you come off as bossy or micromanaging, they might feel negative, despite your intention to help them.

The speed of your move

More hands doing something means less time spent on doing it, right? Going by that logic, you helping your movers out will only make the move go faster? Well, yes and no. Just as with the point above, your help might speed up the process of the move. This will be viewed as positive by the movers as they will have more time for whatever they have planned next. It would be good for you as well as your move will be going faster. However, don’t forget that the people conducting your move are professionals. Even though a relocation might not seem complicated to you, there is a lot of nuances there.

A stopwatch. When deciding should you help your movers, you should also keep in mind what impact it might have on the move.
You might think your help will make the move faster, but it may just be the other way around

Something Dallas movers might tell you is just how many times people tire helping them with the move only to mess up and make it longer. So, if you decide to help your movers, make sure to ask what you can do. Taking upon yourself a complicated moving task just might be counterproductive. A careless little mistake may need a much longer time to repair than it would have taken the movers just to take care of the items themselves.

Instead of asking should you help your movers, make sure to do the things that are up to you.

Whether you decide that you should help your movers or not, there are things you will need to do to make sure the move goes smoothly. Local movers TX could tell you that the best kind of help they can get from people is when people complete these before the move.

Clear the way

The single most helpful thing you could do to help your movers is to clear the way for them to work. This means taking any items off the walls, save for the ones you paid your movers to help you with (like wall mounted TV’s). Also, this means clearing the paths your movers will take and removing any slipping hazards. Finally, this means moving your pets and kids out of their way. Also make sure your driveway is clear for them to approach your home easily.

Be there

Obviously, you shouldn’t let your movers wait on you, but make sure you are there when they arrive. Also, make sure you don’t get in their way, but do not disappear either. Be around so they can consult you regarding anything they might be unclear on.

A man looking at his watch
Make sure to be punctual when meeting your movers.

Pack on time and de-clutter

If you didn’t agree with the moving company that they should do the packing, make sure you complete the packing in time. This also includes properly labeling the boxes. To avoid any confusion and make sure your items arrive safe, mark the boxes with their destination within your new home. Also, mark the ones holding fragile items as “fragile”. If your movers will be packing you, make sure to de-clutter your home to help them out. If you know you won’t be wearing certain items of clothing or using some other item in your house, there is no point in making your movers pack it for relocation.

How to decide should you help your movers

After all that we’ve mentioned in this article, you might still be wondering should you help your movers. That is, after all, completely up to you. Moving professionals won’t expect your help, but as long as it’s given right, they will appreciate it.