Tips to unpack efficiently after moving

The act of the move itself is done. You are in your new home, filled to the brim with moving boxes. All the packing and preparation has led to this very moment. Now only one thing remains before you can start relaxing in your new home. That is – to unpack it all. However, the move, tiring as it can be, will leave you motivated to get this done as quickly as possible. To achieve this, you will want to be as effective as possible. With that in mind, we have compiled this list of tips to help you unpack efficiently after moving. So, sit back and enjoy learning about some of the great ways you can make your unpacking quick and easy.

Pack well before the move to unpack efficiently after moving

With many moving related things, planning and preparation are key. That goes for anything from planning out the timeframe of your move to what you will be wearing on a moving day. One of the areas where preparation can have a significant impact on your move is packing. If you pack your items right, you will not only protect them during the move, but you will also make it easier for yourself when it comes to packing. Both of these will have a positive effect on easing your moving stress. Therefore packing well will enable you to unpack efficiently after moving.

Stacked boxes
To make sure you will be able to unpack efficiently after moving, pay attention to how you do the packing first.

First thing you will want to do here is to label your moving boxes properly. The importance of this step cannot be stressed enough. It is no wonder that good labeling is included in most household packing tips. You can go about this either by labeling the box with its destination, for example, “the kitchen” or by color coding them to match the room. This way, you will be able to see at a glance if you have any misplaced boxes. Also, if you label the box with its contents, you will be able to know what is where at a glance. That will also help you unpack easily and efficiently.

Clean before unpacking

Depending on how your move went, if you have the time, make sure you do the cleaning first. Industry professionals like Fort Worth movers might tell you that in real-estate property is left “broom clean” before new tenants move in. That means the visible dust and dirt has been cleaned. However, it is usually smart to do a bit of cleaning on your own before unpacking. The surfaces will be clear, making cleaning easier.

If you want to unpack efficiently after moving, start with the essentials

A move can leave you tired. Also, depending on when it happens, it can leave you with little time on your hands. In situations like these, you will need to unpack efficiently after moving just to get your life back on track. Therefore, you should start here with the very essentials. Think about what you will need for the first few days. Ideally, you want to cover the time until the first weekend when you can get down to entirely unpacking.

Another thing you should do is prepare your bed for sleeping as soon as possible. The importance of a good night’s sleep has been scientifically proven and is something you really don’t want to skip on. Once the very essentials have been taken care of, you can get down to unpacking the rest of your items.

How to plan out your unpacking

With the essentials unpacked, you can focus on how to unpack efficiently after moving. Just as with so many move-related things, planning here is vital. Make a list of your daily needs that you can’t skip and work your way from there. Try to arrange the moving boxes, so they don’t get in your way while you unpack and go about your daily business. Especially if they contain items, you will be unpacking later. Depending on your storage space, you might want to consider space-saving options to pack these in.

A notebook with "my plan" written on it. To unpack efficiently after moving, make sure you plan it out in advance.
As with everything moving related, planning is critical when it comes to unpacking.

Things like green crates rental offer a great alternative to boxes. You can stack these crates up to ensure your excess items take up as little space as possible. Another smart thing to do is to plan the unpacking room-by-room. This way, you will ensure you are bringing to full function sections of your home in an orderly manner. Let’s look how best to organize just that.


The room you should definitely start unpacking first is the bedroom. By unpacking here, we don’t mean bringing to full function the night table and lamp you like to use to read before sleeping. That too is fine, but to make sure you unpack efficiently after moving, you want to start with your daily needs. Unpack your clothes and linen first. We already mentioned the importance of good sleep. Having fresh linen at hand here will do you wonders. As for the clothing, these are the items you use daily, so having them at hand first is a must.


While you can get by with a few takeaway meals for the first few days after the relocation, having a working kitchen will improve your life immensely. Especially if you’re moving with a family as nothing spells home better than a family meal. That is why unpacking the kitchen should be high up on your list of priorities. Keep this in mind when packing too. If you properly prepare your appliances for the relocation, you will have an easier time unpacking and setting your kitchen back up.


Next up, you should take care of your bathroom. Naturally, personal hygiene items fall into the essentials category, so those should be unpacked as soon as the relocation is done. The rest, like cleaning products and household chemicals, should come a bit later, but you will still need to unpack them to be able to wash your clothes. Although these can wait until your wardrobe and kitchen are up and running, you don’t want to delay it too much or else your laundry might seriously pile up.

Living room

To make sure you unpack efficiently after moving, you should leave the living room for last. While it’s completely fine to set up your TV and couch for downtime when you catch a moment, not having these ready will not interfere with your daily life. Everything else, like books and decoration, can come last. While the living room does offer a relaxing center to our lives, holding out a few days without it won’t do you any harm. That is why it’s at the bottom of the priorities list.

A modern style living room.
The living room may be a center of rest and relaxation, but it’s not as essential to unpack first as some other rooms.

Excess Items

Finally, there will be excess items that you won’t be needing right away. Season-specific items like holiday decorations can be left to unpack last if you have not moved during the holiday season. Same goes for other items you might have had stored in your garage or basement. Anything you won’t be needing in the next month or two should be left for last.

Unpack efficiently after moving to start enjoying your home!

As you could see from this article, to unpack efficiently after moving, you need to take into consideration your daily habits and needs. While there are some everyday items everyone needs unpacked first, in a lot of cases what you prioritize for unpacking will depend on your specific situation. However, having read through this article, we are certain you are prepared to take this task, head on!