How to avoid moving injuries?

When preparing for the relocation you have to think about a lot of things. Whether or not you gathered enough packing materials, hired reliable movers or appropriately packed. It is easy to get lost in all of that commotion and end up hurting yourself. That is why we wrote an article to help you avoid moving injuries in the best way possible. So, in the end, you will have a smooth relocation without having to suffer any potential accidents.

To avoid moving injuries do not over pack the moving boxes

Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should! You have to avoid moving injuries at all costs. Which means you don’t have to pack those 100 pounds of books in some small box. If you look carefully, you will see that moving boxes have weight limitations. That is there for a reason! Not only for the durability of the box but your safety as well! You do not want to strain your back or to see items from the box dropped on your feet.

That can easily lead to many kinds of injuries with knees, back, joints, etc. There is this general rule when packing items into moving boxes. And that is to never pack over 50 pounds of items in them. Based on the sizes of the boxes (small, medium, large) you will have a different top weight limit (50, 60, 70 pounds). Don’t think that extra large boxes can carry heavier items. They are used only for bulky items in your household, for example, linens, clothes, cushions, etc.

A man carrying heavy box failing to avoid moving injuries
Avoid moving injuries by not overpacking moving boxes

This is especially important when you are preparing your kitchen for the move. With many big appliances, you may end up hurting yourself quickly! So, make sure the boxes are stable and not damages. Not only would those items break if they fell out of the box, but they would land on your legs as well!

Cut out handles on the sides of the boxes

This one of the basic tips on how to avoid moving injuries! To make lifting easier cut out the handles on the box’s sides. Simply use a scalpel or a pair of scissors to punch a hole big enough to fit your hands. That will allow you to grip the moving box better and lift it without any troubles. Remember, the boxes can carry up to 40 pounds of weight. So it is better to know the lifting technique to save yourself from injuries! Always lift heavy objects with your legs, not your back! This way you won’t strain your back or pull a muscle.

A man carrying boxes properly
Proper lifting technique can save you from injuries

When packing household items for relocation, this particular technique comes in handy! Because there are a lot of big and heavy items you need to carry. Better to stay safe than sorry!

Prepare before you start lifting items

As with every hard physical labor, preparation is the key to avoiding moving injuries. Simply start with at least 15 minutes warmup. After that, do some stretches. That will give warm up your muscles and provide them with enough elasticity so they won’t get strained during lifting. Trust us, those 15 minutes you spend warming up will mean a difference!

A woman stretching by the window
Warm up and stretch up a bit before you start lifting moving boxes

But what to do if you ever get injured? There are a few basic things you can do. First, of, put down the items you are carrying and then slowly go to and lie down. Try to get as comfortable as you can. Your first aid kit here should be some pain relievers and muscle creams you can rub on them. For anything worse you should check with your doctor before you try to relieve back pain on your own.

What to wear

An essential safety aspect is the question of clothing! You shouldn’t wear anything uncomfortable or tight. You need something that will allow you to move freely and without any issues. Now, this part is important because people often just don’t do it. Try to wear trackers and some light hoody that will give you just enough protection and conformity.

A cabinet with clothes
Wear comfortable clothes during the relocation

As for safety items, you will need a pair of work gloves! These are one of the items you need to have for avoiding moving injuries. Now, depending on what kind of items you are handling and packing you might need protection goggles and a helmet. They can come in handy when you have to deal with a lot of items Especially if you have to declutter! Sometimes it is a good idea to know how to deal with excess household items you do not need anymore. Meaning, you won’t have to pack and carry them to the moving truck! It will help you with avoiding moving injuries for sure!

Use a dolly

Using a dolly is a good thing when it comes to avoiding moving injuries! Especially if there are a lot of heavy items to carry. It will make it easier for you to transport your belongings without having any issues. It is especially useful when you are relocating your office! Those large and heavy office appliances can cause a severe issue when you have to carry them. Dollies are a great solution to that specific problem! There are a lot of tips and tricks for packing your office for transportation you should know. That will lower the risk of getting injured during the move for sure!

Avoiding moving injuries should be your top priority when it comes to relocation! One wrong move and you may end up seriously injured! Luckily we wrote this easy to use the guide you can follow up! Do you have any other tips you wish to share with us? Feel free to give us your feedback on this topic!

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