Preparing your plants for the move

There are many people who have many nice plants in their home. Plants are an amazing way to decorate your home. But they can be tricky if you have to relocate. You need to figure out how to pack your plants for relocation. Preparing your plants for the move is not impossible so you should not get rid of them just because you relocate.

Keep your plants healthy when preparing your plants for the move

The first preparations for the relocation related to your plants start a few weeks before you move. The first thing you should do is remove the dead leaves. Do this a few weeks before you move and a few days before you move if there are more dead leaves. You should also make sure you remove any type of weeds that are around your precious plant. You should also check your plants for pests and mold and remove these if there are any. This will ensure your plants stay healthy while you relocate.

Preparing your plants for the move
Be sure you remove any dead leaves, mold or weeds from your plants before you move

Place your plants in plastic pots

If you have any plants in large ceramic pots you know how heavy these things get. If you have any especially big plants with large ceramic pots you do not want to carry these since you might get hurt. There is a far simpler way to do this. You should re-pot these into plastic pots. These are cheaper and much lighter than their ceramic counterparts. Afterward, you can simply pack your ceramic pot for later use. If you are moving locally this might sound like too much work, so there is another option for you. Hire local movers Dallas, they can help you relocate all your plants. This will also make your relocation easier.

Preparing your plants for the move
Re-pot you plants into plastic pots if you want to have an easier time while you carry them

Check the temperature while you are moving your plants

Many people do not worry about the temperature when they start preparing your plants for the move. This can be a huge mistake since there are many plants that are vulnerable to different temperature extremes. You need to understand that you will not be able to move some plants to Frisco TX. Even if your plant can survive here you should still care about the temperature.

It is a good idea to move your plants in a temperature-controlled environment, your car can do the trick. If you plan to stay at a motel while you relocate you should bring your plants with you. If all this sounds like too much work you can movers Arlington TX. These trained professionals will do all the work for you.

Be sure you give your plants enough water when preparing your plants for the move

Plants require water, this does not change while you move. If you are neglectful you all this work will be for nothing. This is especially important when moving during the summer. You need to water your plants on your moving day and a few more times depending on the length of your journey, which is why it is a good idea to figure out the duration of the move. If you move during winter you should keep your plants dry. Cold and wet is a terrible combination for your plants since they will freeze. To avoid this problem simply water them once a few days before you relocate and you will be good to go.

Make sure your plants stay dry when you move during winter

Packing plants properly

The first thing you should think about when preparing your plants for the move are packing supplies. You need to make sure you get enough sturdy boxes for all your plants. Once you ensure you have enough boxes you need to make sure you have enough plastic wrap. All plants are very fragile so you need to make sure they stay safe while you move. Stuff the box with the plastic wrap, it is especially important that you stuff in between the pot and the box.

That will ensure your plant does not fall or shift while in transit. If you plan to relocate an especially large plant you need to bag them and place them in some plastic wrap. When using a lot of plastic wraps you need to make sure you poke some holes in the wrap so your plants can get some air.

Take plants from your garden

If you have some plants form your garden you can take them with you. All the methods mentioned above will work if you plan to move to a small plant. You can’t move a tree, but there is a way to get a new one in your new garden. You can do this by keeping cuttings, take some floral rubes and make sure you fill these with water and make sure you seal these. This will ensure the cuttings arrive at your new home safely. This will also ensure your garden stays nice for the next homeowner.

That can be done with any type of plant, if you have a big and heavy potted plant you cant take cuttings and avoid moving injuries that you might suffer by lifting these. This will save you a lot of time and space.

Take cuttings if you do not want to ruin your old garden

Moving out and not taking your plants with you can be very painful. You watched these plants grow and you kept these healthy so you should not leave them in your new home. It is not too hard to move your plants. Preparing your plants for the move is not a hard task if you stay organized and positive.